Raccoon Wood Studio

Inspiring simplicity.

I specialise in handcrafted small furniture ; night stands, coffee tables, side tables, plant stands, music/turntable cabinets. All 100% handmade from solid wood, designed to last for decades. Minimalism & simplicity are key to my designs. I apply high standards of craftsmanship and personal connection to every single piece that leaves my studio.

Traditional Japanese woodworking is a huge inspiration in my work; the idea of working with nature, not against it. Respect for the material, and the search for a deeper meaning of the object. Personally I’m minimalist, I surround myself only with aesthetically well designed items, which I know will last for decades.

No noise but calmness. Inspiring simplicity.

Items leaving my studio are signed and numbered as editions are limited.

I'm based in South East London, UK

+44 7946 101 138